Safiyya al-Zahra’ is the Sitt al-Banat, or Mistress of the Girls, for the House of the Lotus. She is Sayidda Laila’s maternal aunt. In her youth, she lived in France as a trouvere and a courtesan. Due to her Jewish heritage, she was forced to leave Spain after the Edict of Expulsion in 1492. She left her home with Laila’s caravan and now acts as a house mother to all the young courtesans in the House of the Lotus.

Safiyya al-Zahra’ lives in the Sylvan Kingdom of Aethelmarc and has played intermittently in the SCA for many years. Now that her (RL) son, Jibril, is playing, she is considering attending more events. Safiyya is a talented craftsperson who makes figurines from felt and clay.