A New Year Bring Us New Friends

Welcome to the House of the Lotus. If we’ve piqued your interest, let us beckon you further into our garden retreat. Here at “Household Affairs”, you can acquaint yourself with our lore and history, and our recent goings-on: honors bestowed on our members, events we will attend, and progress on household projects, as well as general household announcements.

It’s a new year and it looks to be a busy one. The House of the Lotus is growing! We are excited to welcome three new members to the household this month, Safiyya al-Zahra’, Estienne de Bellefaye, and Ameline qui dosnoie.

Safiyya, who lives in the Kingdom of Aethelmearc, is Laila’s maternal aunt, a former troubador and courtesan who fled Spain after the expulsion order of 1492, rather than convert or hide her Judaism. She will be our new household Sitt al-Banat (Mistress of the Girls), caring for the needs of the household courtesans and assisting with household operations. (In the modern world, Safiyya is Jibril’s mother.)

Estienne de Bellefaye is a military retainer to the House of the Lotus, as well as Sayyida Laila’s cousin. He is a bon vivant who traveled Persia in order to live the good life and explore foreign luxury, until he was cut off from his family for his excessive spending. He is a talented singer, and has expressed an interest in armored fighting.

Ameline qui dosnoie is a charming courtesan who is currently being fostered at the House of the Lotus. A young noblewoman from France, she lived and trained for a time with the famous courtesans of Venice, but the allure of the exotic, and the search for the world’s best parties, brought her eventually to our fair Persia.

It is our great pleasure to welcome our new members to the House of the Lotus.

In other news, Sayyida Laila al-Sanna’ al-Andalusiyya and THL Ajir Tsagaan have both declared their intention to enter the King & Queen’s Bardic Championship, which will be held in the Barony of Dragonship Haven at the end of February. Exciting performances are planned all around, so please come and support the barony and the East Kingdom’s performers, even if you don’t plan on competing yourself. The day will also be marked by a baronial investiture, and the new Baronesses are singularly fantastic people.

Sayyida Laila stepped up as Chatelaine of the Crown Province of Ostgardr this month, and as the Chair of Opera Studies for the East Kingdom College of Performers in December. In the latter position, she is the acting Artistic Director of Opera dell’Est, the East Kingdom’s new early opera and oratorio company. Anyone interested should reach out to her on Facebook or simply join the Opera dell’Est Facebook group.

THL Ajir and Sayyida Laila taught a new class, “Color Theory for Scribes”, which was the first in a planned 8-part series called “The Renaissance Art Foundations Workshops”. The series includes color theory, drawing technique and perspective, and is designed to help scribes and others learn the technical fundamentals that separated Renaissance visual arts from what preceded them.

Coming this month: the House of the Lotus constructs a ger from scratch, hopefully in time for Gulf Wars! Stay tuned to see if we pull it off, or if we collapse under the weight of our own roof!

If you have any questions about our goings-on, or are interested in patronizing or joining the House of the Lotus, please send us a message through our contact link, or at HouseoftheLotus@gmail.com. See you next month!

Pannelli da Copertina, Isfahan, 1600-1650

Pannelli da Copertina, Isfahan, 1600-1650