Welcome to the House of the Lotus

Welcome to the House of the Lotus. If we’ve piqued your interest, let us beckon you further into our garden retreat. Here at “Household Affairs”, you can acquaint yourself with our lore and history, and our recent goings-on: honors bestowed on our members, events we will attend, and progress on household projects, as well as general household announcements.

Although Ajir and I have been in the Society since the early 1990s, this year was our first together in the East Kingdom, and our first as a household. We founded the House of the Lotus in August, hoping to gather like-minded people who are interested in exploring the same little corner of history as we are. Our Dream involved a household unified by time, place, and social focus, as well as by a common ideology of celebrating difference and diversity.

There is always an adjustment period when getting used to a new kingdom, but the hospitality and friendliness of the Eastern people certainly made the transition easier. Wherever we went, we felt ourselves welcomed and appreciated.

It has been a lively four months. Jibril al-Ghazal, Ajir and my third partner, was inducted into the Order of the Silver Wheel with a truly beautiful pair of speeches by Queen Vienna and King Wilhelm at Yule. I won the Bhakail Arts & Sciences Championship at Bhakail Yule.

Our household also placed in a number of competitions over the past few months. Jibril won the instrumental category at the Ffesty Pen competition in Settmour Swamp in November. Ajir and I took home second place in the poetry and vocal music categories, respectively. I won the Paper & Ink category at the St. Eligius Arts & Sciences Competition, for a series of figural studies in the late Renaissance Italian style.

In early December, I stepped up as Chair of Opera Studies for the East Kingdom College of Performers, so there will be some interesting new things coming your way as our SCA opera company starts to stretch its legs. Tentative name: Opera dell’Est. Stay tuned!

We have a brief respite over the winter holidays, but the new year will bring with it a very busy SCA season. We will be at all the bardic challenge events, and at Birka (at least one of us will enter the costume contest!), and I’m currently getting ready for K&Q Bardic and K&Q A&S at Mudthaw. The whole household is planning on attending Gulf Wars in March, so if you have Gulf Wars survival tips or party recommendations, please send them our way!

Come back soon for updates on our household plans. We have some really cool projects on the horizon. We’re building ourselves a period Mongolian ger, and starting an architecture project designing our household estates in Isfahan.

If you have any questions about our goings-on, or are interested in patronizing or joining the House of the Lotus, please send us a message through our contact link, or at HouseoftheLotus@gmail.com. See you next month!


- Sayyida Laila al-Sanna' al-Andalusiyya