A Not So New Point Of View From a Dude That Is New

Greetings, I am Bahja al-Azraq of The House of The Lotus, an enthusiastic (sometimes too much so) newcomer to the SCA. I have only attended a handful of events and have already made good friends and learned obscure histories that they don’t teach in schools these days. For me, and others I’ve been told, the SCA was like coming home.

There are many things about the SCA that I could go on and on about from my experience thus far learning rapier to the fact that there is an assassins guild I intend to learn more about, but I am going to focus on the first step to being a SCAdian: garb.

I know I’m preaching to the choir, but we can collectively agree it’s just a bitch when you first start. Don’t get me wrong, it’s exciting. I’m up to the challenge; as a queer of the male variety, looking good is practically[disputably] in my DNA but it’s frustrating as hell.

So far in my garb journey I have not done much, despite always looking fabulous thanks to my brother Jibril. I have helped with making a tunic pattern and have successfully constructed a pair of cotton salwar with silk trim and half-successfully constructed a muslin for a pirahan.

Now, I have chosen a Persian persona, which brings both a blessing and a curse: layers —like onions and ogres. This brings the variety of colour and potential pairings that makes my gay little heart go pitter-patter but the coin flips and you get down to sewing. I’m familiar with some stitches, maybe two or three and I am mostly sure I understand how a French seem works, but I’m still learning.

My next project that I will be working on is a group project with my brother, Jibril and Sayyida Laila. We will be creating the pattern for and constructing a greater caftan for Sayyida Laila for Gulf Wars in March!

Yours in service to the dream,

Bahja al-Azraq