The White Heron


The Honorable Lady Ajir Tsagaan is a 16th century Mongol woman living in Isfahan, Persia. She is a Noble Landowner, a Horse Lord, and Patron of the House of the Lotus. She maintains a small force of soldiers in the city to guard her estates and the House of the Lotus.

When not at her Isfahan estates, Ajir resides in her fortress in the Caspian Hyrcanian Forest Region. She has a large library with works collected from around the world, and is a scholar of great enthusiasm. She composes and performs works of music and poetry, and fanciful stories of legendary places and heroes.

Ajir has been in the Society since 1990. Active mainly in Caid until 2014, Ajir was known there as Red Lórien of Oak River. She has been active in the East Kingdom since 2018. Ajir is best known for writing and performing music of the modern middle ages, as well as pyrography and other visual arts.