In the Hijri year 1008 (CE 1599), during the reign of Shah Abbas I, Sayyida Laila al-Sanna’ al-Andalusiyya, favored courtesan of the Shah and famed court singer, founded the House of the Lotus in the glorious city of Isfahan. Blessed with the patronage of The Honorable Lady Ajir Tsagaan, and the favor of the Shah himself, the new house of courtesans built its estates on the Chahar Bagh, the Champs Elysées of Isfahan.

Though the House of the Lotus is young, we are already home to charming and talented courtesans from every corner of the world. In time, our dancers and singers, scribes and poets will surely be renowned throughout the Kingdom and even beyond its borders. 

Welcome to the House of the Lotus. The pleasure is yours.


**The Secret of the House**

The House of the Lotus, through some strange trick of science or enchantment, exists eternally in the Hijri year 1008 (CE 1599). Our courtesans may come to us from slightly different moments in time, but when they arrive in our household, they are miraculously transported to our own special, unchanging “time zone”. Do not be alarmed.